Saturday, January 1, 2022

Visitors' Open Baffle

 Originally published in the defunct JE Labs website

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Altec 756B

Hi Joseph:

Thanks for encouraging me to try the 756Bs on the Open Baffles. They are a MAJOR success! I don't think my 756Bs are ever going back into the sloped baffle cabinets. I could write all the reasons why, but you already know what they sound like. I do think having the pair of powered subs really helps a lot by filling in the last two octaves.

In the future, I may have my woodworker put another cut-out into the baffles for the tweeters, instead of having them sitting on the top-plate.

Thanks again!


Goodmans 201 + EV T35B

Hello Joseph,

Attached is a photo of my JE LABs OB speakers with Goodmans 201's as the drivers. They have proved to be a very good sounding speaker and I would like to thank you for your contribution to the DIY audio community. In the attached photo you can see the Goodmans in Open Baffles. My total investment here is about $400 for drivers and baffles built by a local woodworker. I would have to spend many thousands of US Dollars to equal them.

Thanks again for your contributions.



Altec 601C in an OB made from Butcher Block Material

Hi all of you with those incredible designs! I send you a pic about the OB + Altec 601C I built following your plans, what a shame to pay more! Have a nice day.


Fred (from France)

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