Sunday, August 12, 2012

JE Labs SRPP 45/2A3

SRPP 45 and 2A3

In general I prefer the simplicity and purity of a plate loaded voltage amplifier [R-C couple], however i found SRPP [shunt regulated push pull] sonically satisfying using low-gm, hi-mu tube like the 6SL7/5691. if you find the Simple 45/2A3 a bit slow or lacking in definition, then this may be your solution.

I do not have the technical background to fully explain how SRPP works however through pure logic, the top half of the triode acts like a constant current load to the plate of the bottom triode and the drive signal is basically a combination of the low impedance nature of the top half's cathode and voltage amplification ability of the lower half, Giving this input/driver circuit greater potential drive signal to the grid of the output power tube.

This is a simple and straightforward design and the only thing I need to point out is the voltage divider network in the power supply that lifts the cathode potential of the 6SL7/5691 around 70-90 volts above ground. Thus, the +/- 90V heater [filament] heater to cathode rating is not exceeded as per the RCA manual's recommendation.

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